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Asian Buffalo Leech aka 'Hirudinaria Manillensis'

Asian Buffalo Leech aka 'Hirudinaria Manillensis'

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  • Immediately upon arrival, place your leeches in a container of cold water. To do this, use rain or tap water.

    If there is a problem with your order, please send us a picture on the day of delivery and any damage will be compensated.
    The Asian leech is also known as the buffalo leech or Hirudinaria manillensis.
    Asian leeches are sold as babies and will very quickly grow into a giant, almost monster-sized leech, as shown in the videos we have featured on YouTube. Baby Asian leeches need to be fed every month initially and then every 2 to 3 months. This strain has special care requirements that set it apart from its Hirudo counterparts, which are very easy to maintain compared to the Buffalo Leech. A temperature between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius must be maintained in your leech tank or leech aquarium at all times. This means that you need to equip yourself with an aquarium heater with a built-in thermometer. In addition, it is not advisable to make the aquarium deeper than 20 cm, otherwise the Hirudinaria Manillensis babies may be crushed by water pressure and would also not be able to swim for air. Leeches can drown, so they should have plenty of air in their leech container. Once they have sucked blood and are fed and full, you would keep their temperature relatively low, otherwise the blood in them could congeal or boil and result in their death. 22 degrees would probably be ideal to keep in the aquarium after each feeding.

It is much more difficult to care for fed buffalo than to keep and care for hungry buffalo leeches. In addition, you must keep the leech container either in a dark room or covered with dark fabric to ensure constant darkness for them as they cannot tolerate light at all and are unable to ignore the light or the cold and yet too feed. You will receive a complete sheet with further instructions regarding your shipment.
Many customers buy leeches of this variety, breed them and resell them. Other people choose them because of their enormous size and ability to draw a lot of blood. Whatever the reason, your grown buffalo leech is sure to be the talk of any dinner party and attract the attention of anyone who happens to take a look. Seeing an exotic live leech of this size in person is definitely a sight to behold!

NOTE: the Asian leech is currently out of stock due to the time of year, but if you place your order now you will receive the first available specimens in May!

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