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300 Baby Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches - Special Offer

300 Baby Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches - Special Offer

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Your package contains 300 Baby Hirudo Leeches, one of our most popular leech products.
Babies are sometimes as thin as needles and have recently emerged from their mother's cocoon. Most baby leeches cannot pierce human skin on their own. If you intend to feed them until they grow into cosmetic or small leeches, you will need to allow a larger leech to take the first bite, after which the babies can attach and feed at the same bite site. Baby leeches can potentially be kept in cold water and cared for as pets, going without feeding for a while until they get a little bigger and are ready to bite human skin. However, if you keep them without feeding at all, you risk losing a small percentage of them. We recommend that you only purchase leeches as babies if you are sure you know how to care for these tiny bloodsuckers, as they may not be able to bite at first.

Immediately upon arrival, place your leeches in a container of cold water. To do this, use rain or tap water.
If there is a problem with your order, please send us a picture on the day of delivery and any damage will be compensated.

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