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50g Reusable Hydrogel for Leech Transport

50g Reusable Hydrogel for Leech Transport

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50g non-toxic hydrogel for Hirudo Medicinalis leeches - reusable.

This hydrogel was specifically developed for the transport and storage of leeches. If you get 50 grams of gel, it will become a few buckets of hydrogel crystals after the dry gel crystals are completely dissolved in plain tap water.
Two spoons of hydrated gel are enough to transport three or four medicinal leeches over long distances.
Why is water gel the perfect medium for leech transport? The main advantage of this gel over any other is that it is non-toxic to the sensitive medicinal leeches. On the move, the leech is exposed to enormous stress as it is shaken around in its water-filled container. Because the leech is so stressed, it releases a toxic green substance as part of its excrement and, to protect its body, as it has been removed from its natural peaceful and restful habitat. When a large concentration of this green substance accumulates in its water, the leech enters a toxic state and dies.
The water gel prevents this unfortunate process: medical leeches arrive at their destination safe and healthy without any “scratches”.
Although plain water is usually used for leech keeping and storage, some customers also prefer this special water gel for this purpose.
Water gel can be washed and reused virtually forever. The leech water gel needs to be washed (along with the leeches it contains) by placing it in a large leech strainer and running a strong stream of cold tap water so that dirt and old leech skins are seeped through and washed away.

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