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6 Inch Plastic Leech Forceps

6 Inch Plastic Leech Forceps

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6 inch plastic leech forceps.
Tongs are a highly recommended leech tool for any type of leech creature. Leech pliers are a must for dealing with leeches. These pliers enable quick, precise and gentle handling of the leech. With the pliers you avoid the possibility of leeches biting or sticking to your hands and rubber gloves. Once a leech grabs hold of your gloves with its strong suction cups, you will have a very difficult time removing them. By the way, this applies to almost everything that a leech can handle. Leeches suck hard and won't let go unless this helpful tool comes to your rescue and pulls you out of a "sticky" situation.
Handling your leeches with this gentle instrument is truly a breeze and you will find out very soon how true that is! Even if your leeches arrive in the mail and you need to pull them out of their protective bottles, this task will be super easy with the help of a leech tongs, but actually hard to do without them - you'll be glad you have the tongs to make this job go smoothly to do!

If you are raising your leech pets or keeping a lot of leeches in jars or leech containers, expanding your leech collection or even trying to breed leeches, you definitely need to invest in this tool that makes all leech-related tasks incredibly easy, quick and practically foolproof .
The tool also gives you the ability to quickly move your creatures back and forth, swap them into new containers, and transform their leech hut into a new environment with moss, rocks, and other relevant items.
We believe that the pliers tool is an absolute must for anyone who deals with leeches. This incredible product is also one of the two best sellers in our leech supply store (number one being the leech jars).

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