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1 Medium-sized Medicinal Leech

1 Medium-sized Medicinal Leech

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Medium size Hirudo Medicinalis leech, your package contains one specimen.

Immediately upon arrival, place your leech in a container of cold water. To do this, use rain or tap water.
If there is a problem with your order, please send us a picture on the day of delivery and any damage will be compensated.
The Hirudo Medicinalis medium size leech is the third most popular product in our shop. Nevertheless, this leech is probably more versatile in its use and application than any other leech and is preferred by hirudotherapy patients for general use and placement on various parts of the body.
Medium-sized leeches suck about three times more than small leeches and about two times less than large leeches. The subsequent leakage into the blood also lasts longer than with small leeches, but not as long as when using large leeches.
When kept at home and properly cared for, leeches can be reused on the same patient in as little as 3 to 5 months. Medium leeches are a little older and a little more experienced and are very good at diluting the blood and dissolving clots.
They form a good, clean suction channel and inject a good amount of biochemicals necessary for action. Medium leeches are also good at improving tissue microcirculation and rebuilding capillary structures.
Medium-sized leeches cause minimal pain or discomfort during hirudotherapy compared to their small counterparts because they are able to inject a significant amount of hirudin, painkillers and antibiotics, making therapy with them easier and more comfortable quickly.
Medium leeches are also easy to care for as they are hardier, have higher survival rates than smaller leeches and therefore live longer. They move slower than their smaller counterparts and are therefore less likely to escape.
A medium-sized Hirudo medicinalis leech shows a good level of instinct in identifying problem areas on the body.
And because they're so versatile, they can be used on virtually any part of the body except the most sensitive parts (arms, face and inner thighs and neck). You can safely apply moderate leeches near veins (hands and legs) and on legs and hands (great for treating varicose veins). They can be used for leech therapy on the entire upper body, neck and internally on the gums and cervix.

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